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Element Helps Launch Tech.pro


Tech.pro is a brand new online community built exclusively for tech professionals. This fast growing website has just launched a public alpha that already includes hundreds of Tutorials and Blogs. Over the coming months, Tech.pro will expand its community and functionality to include profiles, projects, links, Q&A and more, resulting in a deep platform built to highlight the expertise of its members.

We were tasked to help create a beautiful, systematic, responsive design for this new publishing platform. "The Tech.pro team brought us in at the early stages of this project and we worked directly with them in defining the user experience and visual identity of their new community." said Phil Coffman. "The work we've done so far on the public alpha has been rewarding and the excitement we have for what's to come continues to grow. Stay tuned!"

We will continue to work with the great team at Tech.pro to conceive and deliver ideas, creative direction and front end development throughout the upcoming phases of the Tech.pro website.

Don't forget to check out Tech.pro's monthly tutorial writing contest. As the Tutorials and Blogs stack up, every member has a chance to win money each month if their article is selected as the winning article in a variety of categories.