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Element Launches Bloomfire Mobile App


We are proud to announce the launch of Bloomfire's new mobile app! Our team was tasked to help architect, design and develop this elegant new Universal iOS application.

Working efficiently with the Bloomfire team, we developed an app that allows Bloomfire subscribers to easily access information and share knowledge while on the go. To start, we mined through their current data structure and defined back end requirements to power the app. Our seamless tie into Bloomfire's existing infrastructure allowed us to accurately share data back and forth with the native app. We then created an intuitive and polished interface for the iPhone and iPad with the goal of reducing taps and getting users to contribute content as quickly as possible.

"The importance of the user experience played a major role throughout the entire process," said Andrea Whitenight, Project Director. "We worked closely with Bloomfire's IT, Design and Product Management teams from start to finish to fully understand their user's needs and ensure that the app drives productivity."

Bloomfire is an online sales enablement tool that combines file sharing, content management and social business software to make sharing information between team members simple. The streamlined nature of the web app improves team efficiencies and enables faster knowledge sharing so corporations can replace their various internal communication tools with just one piece of software.

Here are just a few of the key features of the app:

  • Create and Share Content - Upload or capture pictures, videos and audio then share the content with the team
  • Search and Browse Posts - Search posts by keyword or browse by topic, most recent, most popular, file type, and more
  • Ask and Answer Questions - Quickly communicate with others through text, photos, videos or audio
  • Find and Follow Experts - Connect with subject-matter experts in the community and receive notifications for new posts

The iPhone and iPad apps are now available in the app store and are quickly gaining positive reviews from Bloomfire subscribers.