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Click on the sections below to explore our Strategy, Mobile, and Web Design services.

Mobile Web & Native Apps

Our philosophy with mobile is that there should be a clear objective and user satisfaction should be the measurement to determine its success. We focus heavily on the overall experience starting with the proper platform and a slick workflow with inventive design. Our engineers partner with our design and user experience experts to produce apps that are logically and technically sound at every turn.

Whether your app is an extension of your current offerings or a brand new tool, your users want an enjoyable experience that provides the payoff quickly. And it is our goal to create custom apps that drive adoption by meeting these needs.

Mobile Web & Native Apps
Mobile Stats

Over 1.5 billion mobile devices were sold in 2011.

IDC (February 2012)


Mobile Web

We optimize existing and new websites for mobile, create marketing landing pages and make recommendations on which technologies are best.

Hybrid Applications

If we can reuse it, we will. So we architect, design and build our apps thinking ahead so they're scalable for multiple devices.

Native Applications

From iPhones to Android Tablets to Universal iOS, we create native apps that look and feel at home on the device they were built for.

Testing & Analytics

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it. Our tools give you visibility inside your customers' behaviors.


1. Discovery & Planning

Mobile apps need a blueprint before building. We research your customers and competitors then architect the entire application from the back-end to the front before any code is written.

Information Architecture
2. Wireframes

Part of our Discovery phase, wireframing is a lengthy process that allows for the designers, user experience experts and engineers to come together and strategize the best flow for an app.

Interaction Design
3. Interaction Design

Does the screen slide, bounce, fade? We make sure the interactions are intuitive and exciting for the best experience.

Visual Design
4. Visual Design

This is where we shine. Wireframes come to life with intriguing concepts and our retina display experts leave no pixel left unturned.

5. Development

Custom application development needs to be thorough and flexible. Our engineers bring a broad range of experience to the mix allowing for collaborative and solution-oriented development.

6. Testing (Alpha/Beta)

QA starts the minute development begins because we test as we go. We implore two more stages of testing before releasing to the public so we deliver the quality that we're proud of.

Product Launch
7. Product Launch

Whether an app goes to Apple, the Android Marketplace or to the Enterprise Store, our experts get our clients through the sometimes-tedious process.

Marketing & Promotion
8. Marketing & Promotion

We can get your app downloaded, shared or talked about in the right communities.

Ongoing Support & Releases
9. Ongoing Support & Releases

Applications need constant love and care and we dedicate teams to only that. We support bug fixing, new design for updated platforms, minor tweaks and enhancements based on feedback and continued optimization.